Dealing with Change

Job Woman Girl Business Female Laptop PeopleMoore’s Law states computers will double in speed about about every eighteen months. Since Gordon Moore made this prediction several decades ago, the rule of thumb has proven to be astonishingly accurate. A “smart kitchen” where the refrigerator will let you know if you get low on an item and add it to the grocery list takes advantage of this advance. Consider the automotive industry and the innovations that have been made just within the past few years. It seems everything is more, more, more. About the only things that have remain constant are human beings. Sure we have access to technology, we, ourselves, are very slow to change.

A manager must have foresight and empathy. There is an understanding of where to go and what to do and yet get there in a way that will be apparent, even rational, to the entire team. Generally, people dislike change. And offering an upgrade or changing their settings will not remedy that. But the 21st century is full of it. The managers real skill is in how to present new ideas and policies to the organization. She needs the acumen to present a transition in such a way the rest of the group understands it to be a good move forward. Otherwise, a handful of people averse to the change can hinder a new product or service before it ever reaches the market pconfused-employee-with-funny-face_1154-317lace.

Both sides of the chain of command, that is up and down the organizational chart must see the manager as one who is ethical. A lack of integrity breeds skepticism which actually breaks down the chain of command. Without confidence in the center of the organization, the effectiveness of both top and bottom will begin to erode.

Not everyone offered the position of a boss should take it, however. That is a decision that should not be considered lightly.   I have coached several clients who accepted a promotion because it meant more money or they liked the prestige of the title only to later find themselves in over their head. During our coaching sessions I will try to get them up and running as quick as possible with management principles and the occasional advice. More often than not, my job is to encourage the client to view a situation from different points of view. Often the client goes on to be successful in the position, and sometimes not. But a willingness to look at problems from different angles is essential to be a good manager. Just be certain before grandiose plans are implemented, the team is on board with why and how. Helping the team navigate a shift in mindset or how things are done is one of the most important things a boss can do. It may take a little time for some to warm up to the idea of change. Remember, they’re not machines.


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