On-Site Company Training

Have a small (or large) group who need to get on the same page at once? Momentum Seminars offers corporate training at your facility or the venue of you choosing. Bing the team together in a workshop that promotes the necessary skills and allows the sharing of ideas in a 1 to 3 hour or all-day session.


Are leaders born or made? The debate rages on but one thing that is for certain, a leader must take an inventory of his or her abilities and assess their greatest resource; the team. Despite the strengths or weaknesses, the TEAM has to know where you are going. This is more true in the 21st century than at any career-peopleother time in history. There just is no trust without knowledge. Whether an inventor with a great idea or a Harvard MBA, stay sharp and learn what drives your people. Take the lead and schedule your training workshop with Momentum Seminars!


Do not dismiss the sports reference of a “team”.  A team is simply a group of people who, if they don’t work together, the organization will lose. That is perhaps more so in business than in sports. The pro-players, con-artists and apathetics will drive a company in the ground if people do not understand (and agree) what it is they are moving toward. Whether it is remote employees or a project management team that has gotten off track, build the cohesiveness and trust every workplace needs.


“I don’t need to improve my communication skills” is usually what someone says just before their spouse files for divorce! Just because you SAID it, doesn’t mean they GOT it.  Just because you meant it, doesn’t mean they care. Everyone processes thoughts different. The chance the very next person you speak with thinks like YOU is well, slim to none. Learn how others think, talk and write by understanding them. Be a champion in soliciting feedback in a tactful way which ultimately gets you what you wanted in the first place.


Momentum Seminars is experienced in training for Sales,  Interpersonal Skills, Middle Management, Customer Service and Public Speaking.  These are core principles that are the lifeblood of any company irrespective of its industry.  Yet, Momentum will design a workshop session specifically for exactly what your organization needs. Invest in your people by bringing us into your organization today!