Coming Events

May 20:

Developing a Phenomenal Customer Service System

This is a 3-hour continuing education course for Tennessee real estate agents. Learn from successful corporations what it takes to create  great customer service! It is offered by the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors. We start at 9 am and go to Noon. In it, you will lean…

The Current State of the Customer Experience

How to Break the Ice (with exercise)

So, How Bad Could it Get? (with exercise)

How to Build Trust

Common Pitfalls of Customer Retention

The 6 P’s of Customer Service

Proximity Positioning

The Power of Questions (with exercise)

How to Resolve a Bad Customer Experience

Not Every Challenge Has a Solution (with exercise)

Express Gratitude for Your Clientele (with exercise)

Customer Service Role Models (discussion and exercise)

Red Flags of Bad Customer Service




WB – Customer Service – 3Hr Model