Special Events

July 29:

Creating Better Customer Relationships Lunch & Learn

Our customers are the life-blood of business. But, what type of relationship do you have with your client-base? Don’t take for granted if they buy with you once, they will do so the next time. Gaining new customers and clients is difficult. So is keeping them!

The thing about a better economy is that the competition field has increased and will continue to do so exponentially. Those who were “top dog” a few years ago can see themselves chasing their tail without solid relationships in place.

In this special two-hour working lunch, Blaine Little, founder and CEO of Momentum Seminars Training and Coaching will teach you;

  • How to first meet customers and prospects
  • To understand ho trust is truly built
  • How to have those “sticky” conversations
  • Proximity positioning; where you place yourself is important
  • Better listening skills
  • Expressions of gratitude
  • The power of better questions
  • A better way of asking for referrals

What would your business look like if you added new customers while maintaining your original base? How much would you bottom line increase with new referrals each week?

Don’t miss this one. Register now for this one of a kind lunchtime workshop! Seating is limited and so is the registration time.

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Registration includes training, training materials and lunch from the workshop menu. Lunch provided by The EDGE Bar and Grill in Brentwood.

Portions or the entire workshop may be photographed or recorded by Momentum.