We recently had the pleasure of working with Blaine Little of Momentum Seminars. He created a specific curriculum based on our discussions about where the communication issues were in our office and tailored everything to meet our needs. He is charismatic and funny so the sessions are interactive and he always had us laughing.

Our team very much enjoyed the sessions and one of our most challenging employees has shown great improvement in her communications and attitude since we started working with Blaine.

We highly recommend Blaine Little of Momentum Seminars to help any team improve and develop cohesively.

Dr. Mark A. Connolly, DDS

Three Rivers Family Dentistry

We recently asked Blaine Little to deliver an in-house training session on some key business communication principles for the HR Department at Ryman Hospitality Properties.  Our organization is growing so fast, we find ourselves interacting with more and more individuals as well as other businesses. Our current staff works very hard but needed some refresher skills to facilitate our growth. We wanted training delivered in an educational yet fun way. Blaine definitely delivered!

The training was informative in a way that did not feel like a lecture. There were several opportunities for audience interaction which cemented the concepts Mr. Little taught. We intend to bring him back over the next year. We recommend Blaine Little for your next training session.

Tammie Albert, CAP, OM, Ryman Hospitality Group

Ryman Hospitality (Gaylord Entertainment)

We recently hired Blaine to do some training for our team regarding leadership and communication skills. We have four branch offices and interoffice communication can sometimes be a challenge.

Blaine was very professional . He presented the material in a manner that was easy to understand. Our management team can be a tough crowd and tend to act silly. Blaine was able to get and keep them engaged.

Blaine’s teaching style lends itself to audience participation which is exactly needed. I would highly recommend Blaine for any training he offers.

Robert Wood, President, STC

Superior Traffic Control

I thoroughly enjoyed the training on Building Collaborative and Dynamic Teams at Work. I typically look for ways I can immediately implement concepts learned & Blaine gave plenty of practical ways to start! He is an engaging speaker and trainer. Great bonus when I’m able to have fun and learn! (Team Building)

Angela, Nashville, TN

“Thank you for the professional development yesterday! I had a great time and will definitely be using this information in my professional and personal life.” (Corporate Training)

L. K., Murfreesboro, TN

“Blaine is a fantastic and gregarious instructor! I learned a LOT.”

John B., Charlottesville, NC

“Very informative. Blaine put everything into simple terms and understandable. He brought personal experiences into the seminar which made it easier to grasp the concepts.”

Rachel A., Akron, OH

“The training went well and I think most of the people enjoyed it and found it beneficial.  We did a lot of work and realized that our company still has a lot of work to do!”

Susan G., Dallas, TX

Great job today, Momentum Seminars. Even when you own your own companies for 30 years like I have it’s always good to have a refresher course on Communications one thing I’ve learned in life is you can never learn too much. Thanks again for your class.(Sales Seminar)

Robert M., Murfreesboro, TN

Jennifer W. Nashville, TN