When it comes to selecting a Keynote Speaker, or Corporate Trainer, you want to know what you’re getting. Below are portions of presentations before audiences of different sizes.

For almost a decade, Blaine Little has taught real estate courses for State approved continuing education.He has also taught in-house classes as a corporate sales trainer.He teaches on a wide range of real estate subjects.This video is a small portion of his class on Professional Courtesies.
Here, Blaine speaks about the “Three C’s of Leadership” at a business luncheon. If your company needs workshops on business principles such as leadership, management, better communication, sales or customer service, Blaine can deliver.
Momentum Seminars trainer Blaine Little is interviewed by national sales trainer Terry Lancaster on communicating with prospects and cold calling. It’s not something that is for the feint of heart, but cold calling can lead a sales professional to previously untapped leads… and customers.

Blaine Little is a dynamic speaker who engages his audience. In this video, the trainer interacts with the class through a series of questions and answers. This type of exchange ensures attentiveness and fosters growth in the subject, which is important with large classes. This was a class of over 60 students.

Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned one, be mindful of these eight traps one can fall into easily. Make your own check list and see what you can do to avoid these team de-motivators.

Everyone has an “Inner PA System”. But what does yours say to YOU? In this short motivational speech Blaine give a few ideas on how to beat the negative thoughts in our minds of self doubt and disbelief.

Whether it is you “elevator speech” or a much more detailed presentation, this little-known formula can help you prepare. It goes back about a hundred years by a Purdue professor named Albert Monroe. The template is known as the Monroe Motivated Sequence and it is invaluable for creating an effective presentation.
Blaine can deliver a keynote address to your office or association. This video is a segment of his speech “You’re Out of Control”, presented to a group of professionals at Meharry Medical College in Nashville.
In this segment of “You’re Out of Control”, Blaine talks about the challenges he faced in preparing for his first ever 5K run! The speech is always well received, and customizable to a corporate setting or for a Church group.