Improved Communication in the Workplace


Have you or a colleague missed out on opportunities at work due to a lack of better communication? Perhaps you have ideas to improve the work flow but never articulate them. Does work slowed down due to a misunderstanding? Is there an issue with understanding what is meant in particular emails? Increase your standing in the organization and chances for advancement In this one-day workshop. Attendees will learn;

– Traits of successful communicators and how to make them your own

– Habits that may tank your credibility

– How to get more of what you want by speaking the “language” of others

– How to strengthen work relations as well as your relations at home

– How to deal with passive-aggressive individuals

– 3 modes of communication

– To better understand body language

– What to do if YOU are the one at fault

– Choosing the correct “tone” in email so others will understand what you meant

– How to ensure you are understood and taken seriously

…and much, much more!

The seminar begins promptly at 9am and runs no later than 4pm.