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Class.jpgYour people need training!              If your company has grown over the past two years and there are a number of new faces, they need training to better work as a team. If your company is forced to do more with less, it needs communication skills to be more effective.  Management always need training to keep the company profitable.                        Your people need training!

What businesses are saying…

“The training was informative in a way that did not feel like a lecture. There were several opportunities for audience interaction which cemented the concepts Mr. Little taught. We intend to bring him back over the next year. We recommend Blaine Little for your next training session.”

-Tammie Albert, Ryman Hospitality Group (Gaylord Entertainment)

“We highly recommend Blaine Little of Momentum Seminars to help any team improve and develop cohesively.”

– Dr. Mark A. Connolly, DDS, Three Rivers Family Dentistry   

“Blaine’s teaching style lends itself to audience participation which is exactly needed. I would highly recommend Blaine for any training he offers.”

– Robert Wood, President, Superior Traffic Control

What attendees are saying…

“This workshop was great! The program leader is knowledgeable about public speaking skills.” Iola G., San Antonio, TX

“Great seminar! I really enjoyed Blaine; he made the class interesting and fun. I would definitely take one of his seminars again!” Sarah B., Providence, RI

“Very informative. The instructor put everything into simple terms and understandable. He brought personal experiences into the seminar which made it easier to grasp the concepts.” Rachel A., Akron, OH

“Great workshop! I would come back to one of Blaine’s classes.” Joe B., Atlanta, GA

See what all the buzz is about! Call to have a conversation on how Blaine and Momentum Seminars Training & Coaching will help you organization remain competitive.

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Past Clients

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Dealing with Change

Moore’s Law states computers will double in speed about about every eighteen months. Since Gordon Moore made this prediction several decades ago, the rule of thumb has proven to be astonishingly accurate. A “smart kitchen” where the refrigerator will let you know if you get low on an item and add it to the grocery … Continue reading Dealing with Change

A Flux in Time; Dealing with Change

“Much has been mentioned about the psychological and emotional health of those who are ‘sheltered in place’ right now. Over the years, I have noticed those who are happiest and most successful in business are those who are able to adapt to the changing times.”

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